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So Long
1000 ClownsKitty Kat Max
123 Andrés, Divinity RoxxZoom Holiday Party
123 Andrés/Mista Cookie JarFeliz Navidad (feat. Mista Cookie Jar)
123 AndrésBenjamin
123 AndrésCierra los Ojos
123 AndrésCollar de Estrellas
123 AndrésCooperation
123 AndrésDe 1 a 10
123 AndrésEl Caballito Azul
123 AndrésEl Sueño de Cocorico
123 AndrésFly, Shine, Soar
123 AndrésHola, Amigo
123 AndrésJump, Jump!
123 AndrésKeep It Up
123 AndrésLa Luna
123 AndrésLa Montaña
123 AndrésLa Pequeña Pilar
123 AndrésLas Ovejas
123 AndrésNuestra Fiesta
123 AndrésThe Beach (feat. Jazzy Ash & Aaron Nigel Smith)
123 AndrésUn Elefante
123 AndrésVelo Que Bonito
2 Guys N The ParqueS.I.M.P. (Squirrels in My Pants)
5, Rue Sésame With Na-NaLa Chanson De L'amitié (The Song Of Friendship)
¡Cubanismo!Mardi Gras Mambo
'Elena Of Avalor' CastSteppin' Up
'Weird Al' YankovicCaptain Underpants Theme Song
'Weird Al' YankovicEat It
'Weird Al' YankovicHandy
'Weird Al' YankovicLasagna
'Weird Al' YankovicSpatula City
'Weird Al' YankovicThe Hamilton Polka (KPL Edit)
'Weird Al' YankovicThe Saga Begins (Lyrical Adaption of 'American Pie')
'Weird Al' YankovicTrash Day (Parody of 'Hot In Herre' by Nelly)
'Weird Al' YankovicYoda

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