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R.E.M.Get Up (Remastered)
R.E.M.Love Is All Around
R.E.M.Shiny Happy People
Rabbit!(We Are) All in This Together
Rabbit!All Around the World
Rabbit!All the Little Things
Rabbit!Be Happy
Rabbit!Good Day
Rabbit!Happiness Is Simple
Rabbit!Hello & Goodbye
Rabbit!Keep Calm and Carry On
Rachel HouseI Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)
Rachel LoshakSwing Baby
Rachel LoshakSwing Baby
Rachel PlattenFight Song
Rachel PlattenThank You For Being A Friend
Rachel PlattenWonder (From 'Wonder Park')
Rachel PortmanBelle's Magical Gift
Rachel PortmanFife's Yuletide Theme
Rachel PortmanThe Enchanted Christmas Finale
RaffiDouglas Mountain (Album Version)
RaffiGoodnight, Irene (Album Version)
RaffiHaru Ga Kita
RaffiListen To The Horses (Album Version)
RaffiMorningtown Ride
RaffiNursery Rhyme Instrumental
RaffiRock-a-bye baby (Album Version)
RaffiRow, Row, Row
RaffiSlow Day
RaffiSomewhere in the World
RaffiSpring Flowers
RaffiTwinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
RaffiWater Dance
RaiateaPo La'ila'i
RairaiJackal Style
Ralph's WorldAll About Bob
Ralph's WorldFolsom Daycare Blues
Ralph's WorldHave a Wonderful Christmas
Ralph's WorldPeggy's Pie Parlor Polka
Ralph's WorldSanta Please
Ralph's WorldThe Sound of Holiday Bells
Ralph's WorldTwisting 'Round the Christmas Tree
Ramin DjawadiMrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which
Ramona KingLeopard's Birthday Bop
Randy CrenshawPerry the Platypus (Extended Version)
Randy KaplanDon't Fill Up On Chips
Randy KaplanFollow Your Nose
Randy KaplanForever Young
Randy KaplanIn A Timeout Now
Randy KaplanMr. Spaceman
Randy KaplanMy Little Laugh
Randy KaplanOn the Phone on the Toilet
Randy KaplanShake It and Break It
Randy KaplanShampoo Me
Randy KaplanSugar
Randy KaplanThe Ladybug Without Spots
Randy KaplanYou Can't Always Get What You Want
Randy NewmanI Can't Let You Throw Yourself Away
Randy NewmanI Will Go Sailing No More (From 'Toy Story'/Soundtrack Version)
Randy NewmanMonsters University
Randy NewmanOpening Race
Randy NewmanStrange Things (From 'Toy Story'/Soundtrack Version)
Randy NewmanThe Time Of Your Life
Randy NewmanWe Belong Together (From 'Toy Story 3'/Soundtrack)
Randy NewmanYou've Got a Friend in Me
Randy Travis w/ Alison KraussFriends Like Us
Rani Arbo & Daisy MayhemIf You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out
Rani Arbo & Daisy MayhemThey All Ask'd For You
RapunzelWind in My Hair (From 'Tangled: Before Ever After')
Rascal FlattsLet It Go
Rascal FlattsLife Is A Highway ('Blaze'n Fast Edit)
Rascal FlattsLife is a Highway
Rascal FlattsWalk The Llama Llama (From 'The Emperor's New Groove'/Soundtrack Version)
Ratboy Jr.Clown Shoes
Ratboy Jr.How to Eat a Cloud
Raven SymoneKeep Your Eye On The Ball (Album Version)
RavenGrazing In The Grass
Ray CharlesBein' Green
Ray Conniff & His Orchestra & ChorusExcerpts from Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata
Ray Parker Jr.Ghostbusters (From 'Ghostbusters')
Reba McEntireLook for the Light
Rebecca FrezzaClouds
Recess MonkeyAll My Friends Are Here
Recess MonkeyAquarium
Recess MonkeyBackpack
Recess MonkeyBirthday Bite
Recess MonkeyBoogie Monster
Recess MonkeyChasing My Tail
Recess MonkeyChewy to Your Han
Recess MonkeyFirefly Lullaby
Recess MonkeyFish Sticks
Recess MonkeyFlapjacks
Recess MonkeyGoodnight (From the Sandman Lounge)
Recess MonkeyGrandmom's House
Recess MonkeyHaven't Got a Pet Yet
Recess MonkeyJet Pack
Recess MonkeyKids Table
Recess MonkeyLittle Things
Recess MonkeyLovestruck Unicorn
Recess MonkeyMarshmallow Farm
Recess MonkeyMoon Boots
Recess MonkeyNot for You
Recess MonkeyOh, Lando
Recess MonkeyPenguinese
Recess MonkeyPiggyback
Recess MonkeySack Lunch
Recess MonkeyShrimp
Recess MonkeyStickin Right by You
Recess MonkeyTake Your Kid to Work Day
Recess MonkeyThat Laugh
Recess MonkeyThe Dancin' Bear
Recess MonkeyThe Hermit
Recess MonkeyThe Pool
Recess MonkeyTime To Make The Donuts
Recess MonkeyTwins
Recess MonkeyUkulalien
Recess MonkeyVacation to Azkaban
Rechov Sumsum With Ronnie RockEn Den Dino
Red GrammerListen
Red Hot Chili PeppersYertle The Turtle
Red YarnBile Them Cabbage
Red YarnDown in the Meadow
Red YarnHop Little Squirrel
Red YarnJump For Joy
Red YarnMagic Dance
Red YarnMockingbird
Red YarnMy Barn Door Is Open
Red YarnWake Up
Reel Big FishMonkey Man
Reese WitherspoonShake It Off
Reggae LullabyAsheba
Reginaldo Frazatto, Jr.A Jardineira
Reginaldo Frazatto, Jr.O Filho Que Eu Quero Ter
Relient KThe Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
Renato CarosoneRicordate Marcellino
Renee & FriendsAre We There Yet?
Renee & FriendsDream About the Moonlight
Renee & FriendsGather Round
Renee & FriendsHappiness
Renee & FriendsPrecious One
Renee & FriendsRight Here Now
Renee & FriendsStarfish and Coffee
Renee & FriendsStarfish and Coffee
Renee & Friendssuper fragile world
Renee & FriendsThis Bright Dream
Renee & Friendswhere do the children play?
Renee & FriendsWherever You Go
Renee & FriendsYou and Me
Renee & FriendsYou Were Meant to Be
Renee & Jeremy59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
Renee & JeremyDeck the Halls
Renee & JeremyGive a Little Bit
Renee & JeremyHave Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Renee & JeremyJingle Bells
Renee & JeremyShiny Happy People
Renee & JeremySunny Christmas
Renee & JeremyWe Wish You a Merry Christmas
Renee & JeremyWinter Wonderland
Renee & JeremyYellow
Renee SmithA Lullaby for Big Kids
Renee SmithAngel
Renee SmithEstella The Ballerina
Renee SmithGit Along Lil' Cowboy
Renee SmithJunebug
Renee SmithLas Estrellas (The Stars)
Renee SmithLike A River
Renee SmithLittle Princess
Renee SmithLos Caballitos (Little Horses)
Renee SmithMelody
Renee SmithRagdoll
Renee SmithStuffed Rabbit
Renee SmithSymphony
Reverend Billy C. WirtzBurnie The Toaster
Rhiannon GiddensUp Above My Head
Rhonda VincentBananaphone
Rhythm Child3 Little Birds
Rhythm ChildAll You Need Is Love
Rhythm ChildBowl Of Cherries (USA)
Rhythm ChildCan We Still Be Friends
Rhythm ChildEverybody Is The One
Rhythm ChildOh Susanna
Rhythm ChildSupercalifrailisticexpealidocious
Ricardo Lemvo & Makina LocaBoom Boom Tarara - Congo
Rich ChambersSnow Miser vs. Heat Miser
Richard CheeseMan in the Mirror
Richard HaymanStar Wars: Cantina Band
Richard MarxAngel's Lullaby
Richard WhiteBelle
Richard WhiteGaston (From 'Beauty and the Beast' / Soundtrack Version)
Rick RechtSalaam
Rick ScottNext Time
Riders In The SkyI'm An Old Cowhand
Riders In The SkyMonster ABC's
Riders In The SkyWoody's Roundup
RihannaTowards The Sun
RikkiAmami No Komori Uta
Rissi PalmerBest Day Ever
Roadside TheaterLittle Fish Story
Robbie SchaeferFerdinand
Robbie SchaeferFits Right In
Robbie SchaeferLaLa Love
Robbie SchaeferMy Favorite Person
Robbie SchaeferResolution Song
Robbie SchaeferThere's A Carp In The Tub
Robbie SchaeferYou Are Beautiful
Robbie WilliamsCollision of Worlds (From 'Cars 2'/Soundtrack Version)
Robby BensonSomething There
Robert MunschAndrew's Loose Tooth
Robert MunschBoo!
Robert MunschFlowers On My Jeans
Robert MunschI'm So Embarassed
Robert MunschKendro's Braids
Robert MunschLacey's Kiss
Robert MunschMakeup Mess
Robert MunschMud Puddle
Robert MunschMurmel, Murmel, Murmel
Robert MunschPigs
Robert MunschSomething Good
Robert MunschSquished Squash
Robert MunschVictoria's Lunch
Robert MunschZoom!
Roberta SáTum Tum Tum
Robi KahakalauPi'i Mai Ka Nalu
Robin WilliamsFriend Like Me
Robin WilliamsPrince Ali
Roby SantiniIl Ragazzo Di Campagna
Robyn Adele AndersonHushabye Mountain
Rockabye Baby!(Ghost) Riders in the Sky
Rockabye Baby!(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
Rockabye Baby!(You Want To) Make a Memory
Rockabye Baby!...And justice for All
Rockabye Baby!1979
Rockabye Baby!1999
Rockabye Baby!2 + 2 = 5
Rockabye Baby!2 Minutes to Midnight
Rockabye Baby!2000 Miles
Rockabye Baby!2112: Overture
Rockabye Baby!A Boy Named Sue
Rockabye Baby!A Change at Christmas (Say It Isn't So)
Rockabye Baby!A Day in the Life (Lullaby Rendition of the Beatles)
Rockabye Baby!A Farewell to Kings
Rockabye Baby!A Hard Day's Night (Lullaby Rendition of the Beatles)
Rockabye Baby!A Spoonful Weighs a Ton
Rockabye Baby!About a Girl
Rockabye Baby!Aces High
Rockabye Baby!Across the Sea
Rockabye Baby!Across the Universe
Rockabye Baby!Aeroplane
Rockabye Baby!Airbag
Rockabye Baby!Alec Eiffel
Rockabye Baby!Alive
Rockabye Baby!All Apologies
Rockabye Baby!All Day and All of the Night (Lullaby Rendition of the Kinks)
Rockabye Baby!All Falls Down
Rockabye Baby!All I want Is You
Rockabye Baby!All Is Full of Love
Rockabye Baby!All My Loving
Rockabye Baby!All Shook Up
Rockabye Baby!All You Need Is Love
Rockabye Baby!Alphabet St.
Rockabye Baby!Always
Rockabye Baby!Amazing
Rockabye Baby!American Baby
Rockabye Baby!American Idiot
Rockabye Baby!Ana
Rockabye Baby!And I Love Her
Rockabye Baby!And the Cradle Will Rock...
Rockabye Baby!Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)
Rockabye Baby!Angel of Harlem
Rockabye Baby!Angel
Rockabye Baby!Angie
Rockabye Baby!Animal
Rockabye Baby!Another One Bites the Dust
Rockabye Baby!Antisocial
Rockabye Baby!Ants Marching
Rockabye Baby!Any Man of Mine
Rockabye Baby!Armageddon It
Rockabye Baby!Avon
Rockabye Baby!Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
Rockabye Baby!Bachelorette
Rockabye Baby!Back In Black
Rockabye Baby!Bad Moon Rising (Lullaby Rendition of Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Rockabye Baby!Basket Case
Rockabye Baby!Battery
Rockabye Baby!Beat On The Brat
Rockabye Baby!Beautiful Day (Lullaby Rendition of U2)
Rockabye Baby!Beautiful Day
Rockabye Baby!Beautiful Girls
Rockabye Baby!Beautiful People
Rockabye Baby!Beetlebum
Rockabye Baby!Believer
Rockabye Baby!Better Living Through Chemistry
Rockabye Baby!Better Man
Rockabye Baby!Beverly Hills
Rockabye Baby!Bicycle Race
Rockabye Baby!Bigmouth Strikes Again
Rockabye Baby!Black
Rockabye Baby!Blank Page
Rockabye Baby!Blitzkrieg Bop
Rockabye Baby!Blue Orchid
Rockabye Baby!Blue Suede Shoes
Rockabye Baby!Bohemian Rhapsody
Rockabye Baby!Borderline
Rockabye Baby!Born to Be My Baby
Rockabye Baby!Born to Be Yours
Rockabye Baby!Born to Run (Lullaby Rendition of Bruce Springsteen)
Rockabye Baby!Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Rockabye Baby!Boys Don't Cry
Rockabye Baby!Brain Damage
Rockabye Baby!Breaking the Girl
Rockabye Baby!Bringin' on the Heartbreak
Rockabye Baby!Brown Sugar
Rockabye Baby!Buddy Holly
Rockabye Baby!Buffalo Soldier
Rockabye Baby!Bullet the Blue Sky
Rockabye Baby!Burning Love
Rockabye Baby!By Starlight
Rockabye Baby!California Gurls
Rockabye Baby!Californication
Rockabye Baby!Can I Play with Madness
Rockabye Baby!Can't Help Falling in Love
Rockabye Baby!Can't Stand Losing You
Rockabye Baby!Caribou
Rockabye Baby!Caroline No
Rockabye Baby!Castle on the Hill
Rockabye Baby!Chained to the Rhythm
Rockabye Baby!Changes
Rockabye Baby!Cherub Rock
Rockabye Baby!Children of the Grave
Rockabye Baby!Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Rockabye Baby!Christmas Wrapping
Rockabye Baby!Christmastime
Rockabye Baby!Clocks
Rockabye Baby!Close to Me
Rockabye Baby!Closer to the Heart
Rockabye Baby!Closer
Rockabye Baby!Coffee & Tv
Rockabye Baby!Come as You Are
Rockabye Baby!Come to Me
Rockabye Baby!Corduroy
Rockabye Baby!Could You Be Loved
Rockabye Baby!Country House
Rockabye Baby!Crash into Me
Rockabye Baby!Crazy for You
Rockabye Baby!Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Rockabye Baby!Cream
Rockabye Baby!Cross Me
Rockabye Baby!Crush
Rockabye Baby!Cry, Cry, Cry
Rockabye Baby!Cryin'
Rockabye Baby!Daddy Sang Bass
Rockabye Baby!Dance the Night Away
Rockabye Baby!Dani California
Rockabye Baby!Dark Horse
Rockabye Baby!Daughter
Rockabye Baby!Daydream Believer (Lullaby Rendition of the Monkees)
Rockabye Baby!Daylight
Rockabye Baby!Dazed and Confused
Rockabye Baby!De Do Do Do, De da da Da
Rockabye Baby!Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
Rockabye Baby!Dear Prudence
Rockabye Baby!Debaser
Rockabye Baby!Delirious
Rockabye Baby!Demons
Rockabye Baby!Desire
Rockabye Baby!Desperado
Rockabye Baby!Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Rockabye Baby!Disarm
Rockabye Baby!Disposition
Rockabye Baby!Do They Know It's Christmas
Rockabye Baby!Do You Realize??
Rockabye Baby!Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio?
Rockabye Baby!Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)
Rockabye Baby!Don't Be Cruel
Rockabye Baby!Don't Cry
Rockabye Baby!Don't Drink the Water
Rockabye Baby!Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me (Lullaby Rendition of Elton John)
Rockabye Baby!Don't Panic
Rockabye Baby!Don't Speak
Rockabye Baby!Don't Stand so Close to Me
Rockabye Baby!Don't Stop the Party
Rockabye Baby!Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
Rockabye Baby!Dream On (Lullaby Rendition of Aerosmith)
Rockabye Baby!Dream on
Rockabye Baby!Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
Rockabye Baby!D'yer Mak'er
Rockabye Baby!El Scorcho
Rockabye Baby!Eldery Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
Rockabye Baby!Electric Funeral
Rockabye Baby!Elevation
Rockabye Baby!End of a Century
Rockabye Baby!Enter Sandman (Lullaby Rendition of Metallica)
Rockabye Baby!Enter Sandman
Rockabye Baby!Eruption
Rockabye Baby!Estranged
Rockabye Baby!Even Better Than the Real Thing
Rockabye Baby!Even Flow
Rockabye Baby!Every Breath You Take
Rockabye Baby!Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Rockabye Baby!Everything In Its Right Place
Rockabye Baby!Everything's Not Lost
Rockabye Baby!Express Yourself
Rockabye Baby!Fade to Black
Rockabye Baby!Fairies Wear Boots
Rockabye Baby!Farewell and Goodnight
Rockabye Baby!Fat Bottomed Girls
Rockabye Baby!Father Christmas
Rockabye Baby!Fear of the Dark
Rockabye Baby!Feel This Moment
Rockabye Baby!Feel Your Love Tonight
Rockabye Baby!Fell in Love with a Girl
Rockabye Baby!Fight Test
Rockabye Baby!Fireball
Rockabye Baby!Firework
Rockabye Baby!Flight of Icarus
Rockabye Baby!Fly by Night
Rockabye Baby!Folsom Prison Blues
Rockabye Baby!Foolin'
Rockabye Baby!For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)
Rockabye Baby!Forever and For Always
Rockabye Baby!Freewill
Rockabye Baby!Friday I'm in Love
Rockabye Baby!From This Moment On
Rockabye Baby!Galapogos
Rockabye Baby!Get Rhythm
Rockabye Baby!Get up Offa That Thing (Lullaby Rendition of James Brown)
Rockabye Baby!Get Up, Stand Up
Rockabye Baby!Gigantic
Rockabye Baby!Girlfriend in a Coma
Rockabye Baby!Girls & Boys
Rockabye Baby!Give It Away
Rockabye Baby!Give Me Everything
Rockabye Baby!Given to Fly
Rockabye Baby!Go Girl
Rockabye Baby!God Only Knows
Rockabye Baby!God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
Rockabye Baby!God's Gonna Cut You Down
Rockabye Baby!Going to California
Rockabye Baby!Gold Digger
Rockabye Baby!Golden Slumbers (Reprise)
Rockabye Baby!Golden Slumbers
Rockabye Baby!Good Day Sunshine
Rockabye Baby!Good Life
Rockabye Baby!Good Morning (Lullaby Rendition of Kanye West)
Rockabye Baby!Good Morning
Rockabye Baby!Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
Rockabye Baby!Goodbye Blue Sky
Rockabye Baby!Grace Is Gone
Rockabye Baby!Great Big Sled
Rockabye Baby!Hallowed Be Thy Name
Rockabye Baby!Hand in Glove
Rockabye Baby!Happy Xmas (the War Is Over)
Rockabye Baby!Harder to Breathe
Rockabye Baby!Have a Nice Day
Rockabye Baby!Head like a hole
Rockabye Baby!Heart Shaped Box
Rockabye Baby!Heartbreak Hotel
Rockabye Baby!Heartless
Rockabye Baby!Heaven and Hell
Rockabye Baby!Heaven Can Wait
Rockabye Baby!Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
Rockabye Baby!Hello, Goodbye
Rockabye Baby!Hells Bells
Rockabye Baby!Here Comes the Sun
Rockabye Baby!Here Comes Your Man
Rockabye Baby!Here There and Everywhere
Rockabye Baby!Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor)
Rockabye Baby!Hey Baby
Rockabye Baby!Hey Guys! It's Christmas Time
Rockabye Baby!Hey Jude
Rockabye Baby!Hey Mama
Rockabye Baby!Hey You
Rockabye Baby!Hidden Place
Rockabye Baby!High
Rockabye Baby!Higher Ground
Rockabye Baby!Highway to Hell
Rockabye Baby!Holiday
Rockabye Baby!Homecoming
Rockabye Baby!Homesick
Rockabye Baby!Honey, I’m Home
Rockabye Baby!Hot for Teacher
Rockabye Baby!Hot N Cold
Rockabye Baby!Hotel California
Rockabye Baby!Hotel Room Service
Rockabye Baby!Hotel Yorba
Rockabye Baby!Hound Dog
Rockabye Baby!How Soon Is Now?
Rockabye Baby!Human Behaviour
Rockabye Baby!Hunter
Rockabye Baby!Hurt (Johnny Cash)
Rockabye Baby!Hurt
Rockabye Baby!Hysteria (Def Leppard)
Rockabye Baby!Hysteria
Rockabye Baby!I Bet My Life
Rockabye Baby!I Can't Get No Satisfaction
Rockabye Baby!I Don’t Care
Rockabye Baby!I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Rockabye Baby!I Get Around (Lullaby Rendition of the Beach Boys)
Rockabye Baby!I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself
Rockabye Baby!I Just Wanna Have Something To Do
Rockabye Baby!I Kissed a Girl
Rockabye Baby!I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)
Rockabye Baby!I Shot the Sheriff
Rockabye Baby!I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Rockabye Baby!I Think I Lost My Headache
Rockabye Baby!I Walk the Line
Rockabye Baby!I Wanna Be Sedated
Rockabye Baby!I Wanna Be Your Lover
Rockabye Baby!I Wanna Live
Rockabye Baby!I Wanna Rock and Roll All Nite (Lullaby Rendition of Kiss)
Rockabye Baby!I Want to Hold Your Hand
Rockabye Baby!I Will Follow
Rockabye Baby!I Won't Be Home for Christmas
Rockabye Baby!I Would Die 4 U
Rockabye Baby!I’m Gonna Getcha Good!
Rockabye Baby!Icky Thump
Rockabye Baby!If I Fell
Rockabye Baby!If I Were a Carpenter
Rockabye Baby!I'll Be There for You
Rockabye Baby!I'll Wait
Rockabye Baby!I'm Only Sleeping
Rockabye Baby!In Between Days
Rockabye Baby!In Bloom
Rockabye Baby!In My Life
Rockabye Baby!In My Place
Rockabye Baby!In My Room
Rockabye Baby!In the Fade
Rockabye Baby!In the Garage
Rockabye Baby!In the Ghetto
Rockabye Baby!Into the Groove
Rockabye Baby!Iron Man
Rockabye Baby!Island in the Sun (Lullaby Rendition of Weezer)
Rockabye Baby!Island in the Sun
Rockabye Baby!It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Want to Rock 'n' Roll)
Rockabye Baby!It's My Life
Rockabye Baby!It's Time
Rockabye Baby!Jackson
Rockabye Baby!Jailhouse Rock
Rockabye Baby!Jamie's Cryin'
Rockabye Baby!Jamming
Rockabye Baby!Jeremy
Rockabye Baby!Jesus Walks
Rockabye Baby!Joga
Rockabye Baby!Jolene
Rockabye Baby!Judy Is A Punk
Rockabye Baby!Jump
Rockabye Baby!Just Breathe
Rockabye Baby!Just Like Heaven
Rockabye Baby!Karma Police
Rockabye Baby!Kashmir
Rockabye Baby!Killer Queen
Rockabye Baby!King of Pain
Rockabye Baby!Kiss
Rockabye Baby!Knifes Out
Rockabye Baby!Knights of Cydonia
Rockabye Baby!Knock Me Down
Rockabye Baby!Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Rockabye Baby!La La Love You
Rockabye Baby!La mer
Rockabye Baby!Last Child
Rockabye Baby!Last Kiss
Rockabye Baby!Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
Rockabye Baby!Last Nite (Lullaby Rendition of the Strokes)
Rockabye Baby!Lateralus
Rockabye Baby!Lego House
Rockabye Baby!Lemon
Rockabye Baby!Let Down
Rockabye Baby!Let's Get Rocked
Rockabye Baby!Let's Go Away for Awhile
Rockabye Baby!Let's Spend the Night Together
Rockabye Baby!Like a Prayer
Rockabye Baby!Like a Virgin
Rockabye Baby!Like Someone in Love
Rockabye Baby!Limelight
Rockabye Baby!Lithium
Rockabye Baby!Little Red Corvette
Rockabye Baby!Live and Let Die
Rockabye Baby!Lively Up Your Self
Rockabye Baby!Livin' on a Prayer
Rockabye Baby!Long Slow Goodbye
Rockabye Baby!Longview
Rockabye Baby!Love Bites
Rockabye Baby!Love Lockdown
Rockabye Baby!Love Me Tender
Rockabye Baby!Love Somebody
Rockabye Baby!Love Song
Rockabye Baby!Lucky Star
Rockabye Baby!Lullaby
Rockabye Baby!Magic's in the Makeup
Rockabye Baby!Magnificent
Rockabye Baby!Makes Me Wonder
Rockabye Baby!Mama Kin
Rockabye Baby!Man! I Feel Like a Woman
Rockabye Baby!Master of Puppets
Rockabye Baby!Material Girl
Rockabye Baby!Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)
Rockabye Baby!Message in a Bottle
Rockabye Baby!Michelle
Rockabye Baby!Misery
Rockabye Baby!Monkey Gone to Heaven
Rockabye Baby!Moondance (Lullaby Rendition of Van Morrison)
Rockabye Baby!Mosquito Song
Rockabye Baby!Mother
Rockabye Baby!Mother's Little Helper
Rockabye Baby!Moves Like Jagger
Rockabye Baby!Mr. Brownstone
Rockabye Baby!Muscle Museum
Rockabye Baby!My Doorbell
Rockabye Baby!My Name Is Jonas
Rockabye Baby!Mysterious Ways
Rockabye Baby!N.I.B.
Rockabye Baby!Natural
Rockabye Baby!New Born
Rockabye Baby!New Kid in Town
Rockabye Baby!New Year's Day
Rockabye Baby!New
Rockabye Baby!Night Moves (Lullaby Rendition of Bob Seger)
Rockabye Baby!No Lo Trates
Rockabye Baby!No One Needs to Know
Rockabye Baby!No Quarter
Rockabye Baby!No Sleep Till Brooklyn (Lullaby Rendition of Beastie Boys)
Rockabye Baby!No Surprises
Rockabye Baby!No Woman No Cry
Rockabye Baby!Nothing Else Matters
Rockabye Baby!November Rain
Rockabye Baby!Octopus's Garden
Rockabye Baby!Oi To the World
Rockabye Baby!On a Plain
Rockabye Baby!On Top of the World
Rockabye Baby!One (Metallica)
Rockabye Baby!One Love
Rockabye Baby!One More Night
Rockabye Baby!One More Time
Rockabye Baby!One of These Nights
Rockabye Baby!One
Rockabye Baby!Only in Dreams
Rockabye Baby!Opiate
Rockabye Baby!Otherside
Rockabye Baby!Our Prayer
Rockabye Baby!Over the Hills and Far Away
Rockabye Baby!Paint It Black
Rockabye Baby!Panama
Rockabye Baby!Panic
Rockabye Baby!Papa Don't Preach
Rockabye Baby!Parabol
Rockabye Baby!Parabola
Rockabye Baby!Paradise City
Rockabye Baby!Paranoid Android
Rockabye Baby!Paranoid
Rockabye Baby!Parklife
Rockabye Baby!Part of Me
Rockabye Baby!Party for Two
Rockabye Baby!Patience
Rockabye Baby!Payphone
Rockabye Baby!Peaceful Easy Feeling
Rockabye Baby!Penny Lane
Rockabye Baby!Perfect
Rockabye Baby!Photograph (2)
Rockabye Baby!Photograph
Rockabye Baby!Piggy
Rockabye Baby!Pinhead
Rockabye Baby!Plainsong
Rockabye Baby!Planet Caravan
Rockabye Baby!Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
Rockabye Baby!Plug in Baby
Rockabye Baby!Politik
Rockabye Baby!Popscene
Rockabye Baby!Possibly Maybe
Rockabye Baby!Pour Some Sugar on Me
Rockabye Baby!Pride
Rockabye Baby!Purple Rain
Rockabye Baby!Race for the Prize
Rockabye Baby!Radio Ga Ga
Rockabye Baby!Radioactive
Rockabye Baby!Rag Doll
Rockabye Baby!Rain Over Me
Rockabye Baby!Raspberry Beret
Rockabye Baby!Ray of Light
Rockabye Baby!Red Barchetta
Rockabye Baby!Redemption Song
Rockabye Baby!Reflection
Rockabye Baby!Resistance
Rockabye Baby!Ring of Fire
Rockabye Baby!Roar
Rockabye Baby!Rock 'n' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution
Rockabye Baby!Rock 'N' Roll High School
Rockabye Baby!Rock of Ages
Rockabye Baby!Rock Steady
Rockabye Baby!Rocket
Rockabye Baby!Roots
Rockabye Baby!Roxanne
Rockabye Baby!Ruby Tuesday
Rockabye Baby!Run to the Hills
Rockabye Baby!Runaway
Rockabye Baby!Runnin' with the Devil
Rockabye Baby!Running Free
Rockabye Baby!Running
Rockabye Baby!Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Rockabye Baby!Sail To The Moon
Rockabye Baby!Same Old Song and Dance
Rockabye Baby!Satellite
Rockabye Baby!Say It Ain't So
Rockabye Baby!Scar Tissue
Rockabye Baby!Schism
Rockabye Baby!Serve the Servants
Rockabye Baby!Seven Nation Army
Rockabye Baby!Shape of You
Rockabye Baby!She Don't Use Jelly
Rockabye Baby!She Will Be Loved
Rockabye Baby!Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
Rockabye Baby!Shoplifters of the World Unite
Rockabye Baby!Shots
Rockabye Baby!Simple Kind of Life
Rockabye Baby!Sin
Rockabye Baby!Sing (2)
Rockabye Baby!Sing
Rockabye Baby!Smells Like Teen Spirit
Rockabye Baby!Snow (Hey Oh)
Rockabye Baby!So Lonely
Rockabye Baby!So Much to Say
Rockabye Baby!Sober
Rockabye Baby!Soma
Rockabye Baby!Some Day At Christmas
Rockabye Baby!Somebody to Love
Rockabye Baby!Someone's in the Wolf
Rockabye Baby!Something I can never have
Rockabye Baby!Something in the Way
Rockabye Baby!Something
Rockabye Baby!Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own
Rockabye Baby!Song 2
Rockabye Baby!Song for the Deaf
Rockabye Baby!Soul to Squeeze
Rockabye Baby!Speak To Me / Breathe
Rockabye Baby!Stairway to Heaven
Rockabye Baby!Starlight
Rockabye Baby!Start Me Up (Lullaby Rendition of the Rolling Stones)
Rockabye Baby!Start Me Up
Rockabye Baby!Stay (Wasting Time)
Rockabye Baby!Stir It Up
Rockabye Baby!Stockholm Syndrome
Rockabye Baby!Strawberry Fields Forever
Rockabye Baby!Stronger
Rockabye Baby!Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Of
Rockabye Baby!Subdivisions
Rockabye Baby!Subterranean Homesick Alien
Rockabye Baby!Sunburn
Rockabye Baby!Sunday Bloody Sunday
Rockabye Baby!Sunday Mornin Comin' Down
Rockabye Baby!Sunday Morning (2)
Rockabye Baby!Sunday Morning
Rockabye Baby!Supermassive Black Hole
Rockabye Baby!Surfer Girl
Rockabye Baby!Surf's Up
Rockabye Baby!Susanne
Rockabye Baby!Suspension Without Suspense
Rockabye Baby!Suspicious Minds
Rockabye Baby!Sweat
Rockabye Baby!Sweet Child O' Mine
Rockabye Baby!Sweet Children
Rockabye Baby!Sweet Emotion
Rockabye Baby!Sweet Leaf
Rockabye Baby!Swish Swish
Rockabye Baby!Sychronicity II
Rockabye Baby!Take it Easy
Rockabye Baby!Teenage Dream
Rockabye Baby!Teenage Lobotomy
Rockabye Baby!Ten Years Gone
Rockabye Baby!Tender
Rockabye Baby!Tequila Sunrise
Rockabye Baby!Thank You
Rockabye Baby!That Don’t Impress Me Much
Rockabye Baby!That's All Right
Rockabye Baby!The A Team
Rockabye Baby!The Anthem
Rockabye Baby!The Best of My Love
Rockabye Baby!The Fixer
Rockabye Baby!The Fragile
Rockabye Baby!The Good Life
Rockabye Baby!The Great Gig in the Sky
Rockabye Baby!The Grudge
Rockabye Baby!The hand that feeds
Rockabye Baby!The Hardest Button to Button
Rockabye Baby!The Long Run
Rockabye Baby!The Man Comes Around
Rockabye Baby!The Modern Things
Rockabye Baby!The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
Rockabye Baby!The Number of the Beast
Rockabye Baby!The Patient
Rockabye Baby!The Rain Song
Rockabye Baby!The Scientist
Rockabye Baby!The Sky is Fallin'
Rockabye Baby!The Space Between
Rockabye Baby!The Spark That Bled
Rockabye Baby!The Spirit of Radio
Rockabye Baby!The Sweetest Thing
Rockabye Baby!The Trees
Rockabye Baby!The Trooper
Rockabye Baby!The Unforgiven
Rockabye Baby!The Universal
Rockabye Baby!The W.A.N.D.
Rockabye Baby!The Warmth of the Sun
Rockabye Baby!The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
Rockabye Baby!There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
Rockabye Baby!There, There
Rockabye Baby!There's No Other Way
Rockabye Baby!Thinking out Loud
Rockabye Baby!This Charming Man
Rockabye Baby!This Love
Rockabye Baby!This Lullaby
Rockabye Baby!Through the Wire
Rockabye Baby!Thunder
Rockabye Baby!Thunderstruck
Rockabye Baby!Timber
Rockabye Baby!Time Is On My Side
Rockabye Baby!Time Is Running Out
Rockabye Baby!Time of Our Lives
Rockabye Baby!Time
Rockabye Baby!Today
Rockabye Baby!Tom Sawyer
Rockabye Baby!Tonight, Tonight (Lullaby Rendition of Smashing Pumpkins)
Rockabye Baby!Tonight, Tonight
Rockabye Baby!Too Late for Love
Rockabye Baby!Too Late
Rockabye Baby!Touch the Sky
Rockabye Baby!Trouble
Rockabye Baby!Try, Try, Try
Rockabye Baby!Two Hearts Beat as One
Rockabye Baby!U Got the Look
Rockabye Baby!Unchained
Rockabye Baby!Unconditionally
Rockabye Baby!Under My Thumb
Rockabye Baby!Under Pressure
Rockabye Baby!Under the Bridge
Rockabye Baby!Underneath It All
Rockabye Baby!Undone (The Sweater Song)
Rockabye Baby!Unravel
Rockabye Baby!Uprising
Rockabye Baby!Us and Them
Rockabye Baby!Velouria
Rockabye Baby!Vertigo
Rockabye Baby!Vogue
Rockabye Baby!Waitin' for a Superman
Rockabye Baby!Wake Up (Lullaby Rendition of Arcade Fire)
Rockabye Baby!Wake up Call
Rockabye Baby!Waking Up in Vegas
Rockabye Baby!Walk This Way
Rockabye Baby!Walking Contradiction
Rockabye Baby!Walking on the Moon
Rockabye Baby!Wanted Dead or Alive
Rockabye Baby!War Pigs
Rockabye Baby!Warning
Rockabye Baby!Wasted Years
Rockabye Baby!Watching the Planets
Rockabye Baby!Wave of Mutilation
Rockabye Baby!We Are the Champions
Rockabye Baby!We Weren't Born to Follow
Rockabye Baby!We Will Rock You
Rockabye Baby!Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Rockabye Baby!Welcome To Paradise
Rockabye Baby!Welcome to the Jungle
Rockabye Baby!We're A Happy Family
Rockabye Baby!We're Going to Be Friends
Rockabye Baby!Whatever It Takes
Rockabye Baby!When Doves Cry
Rockabye Baby!When I Come Around
Rockabye Baby!Where Are You Going
Rockabye Baby!Where Is My Mind?
Rockabye Baby!Where the Streets Have No Name
Rockabye Baby!Wherever I May Roam
Rockabye Baby!Who Made Who
Rockabye Baby!Who Says You Can't Go Home
Rockabye Baby!Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under
Rockabye Baby!Wicked World
Rockabye Baby!Wild Horses
Rockabye Baby!William, It Was Really Nothing
Rockabye Baby!Wish You Were Here
Rockabye Baby!Wish
Rockabye Baby!Witchy Woman
Rockabye Baby!With or Without You
Rockabye Baby!Won't Go Home Without You
Rockabye Baby!Working Man
Rockabye Baby!Wouldn't It Be Nice
Rockabye Baby!Wrapped Around Your Finger
Rockabye Baby!Yellow Ledbetter
Rockabye Baby!Yellow Submarine
Rockabye Baby!Yellow
Rockabye Baby!Yesterday
Rockabye Baby!Yesterdays
Rockabye Baby!Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1
Rockabye Baby!You and Me
Rockabye Baby!You Are the Sunshine of My Life (Lullaby Rendition of Stevie Wonder)
Rockabye Baby!You Can't Always Get What You Want
Rockabye Baby!You Can't Quit Me Baby
Rockabye Baby!You Could Be Mine
Rockabye Baby!You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You're Told)
Rockabye Baby!You Give Love a Bad Name
Rockabye Baby!You Really Got Me
Rockabye Baby!You Shook Me All Night Long (Lullaby Rendition of Ac/Dc)
Rockabye Baby!You Shook Me All Night Long
Rockabye Baby!You Still Believe in Me
Rockabye Baby!You’re Still the One
Rockabye Baby!You're My Best Friend
Rockabye LullabyA Whole New World (Aladdin)
Rockabye LullabyBaby Mine (Dumbo)
Rockabye LullabyBeauty & the Beast (Beauty & the Beast)
Rockabye LullabyCan You Feel The Love Tonight (Lion King)
Rockabye LullabyUnder The Sea (Little Mermaid)
Rockabye LullabyWhen She Loved Me (Toy Story 2)
Rockabye LullabyWhen You Wish Upon A Star (Pinocchio)
Rockabye LullabyYou've Got a Friend in Me (Toy Story)
RockapellaMy Home (feat. The Persuasions)
RockapellaWhere in The World Is Carmen Sandiego
Roger BartGo the Distance
Roger Day (Featuring The Indigo Girls)Ready To Fly
Roger DayDream Big!
Roger DayI Like Yaks! (Featuring Billy Jonas)
Roger MillerYou Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd
Roland ZossBärengeburi-Bubuland
Roland ZossKrokodil
Rootsman DreadJohnny Dread
RoryTime For Bed
Rosaline LyBampé koon
Rose FalconUp Up Up
Rose RoyceCar Wash
Roselaine BicepLè timoun an-mwen / Manman-doudou
Rosemary ClooneyThe Wobblin Goblin
Rosie BurgessRandom Acts
Rosie Flores & The Pine ValleyThis Little Girl's Gone Rockin
Rosie FloresRed, Red Robin
Rosie FloresRed, Red Robin
Rosie PerezJosie's First Allowance Day
Rosie ThomasTomorrow
Roy ZimmermanChristmas on Mars
Rrana - Letterstick BandYi
Ruben Rada (Uruguay)Yo Quiero
Rudolph The Red Nosed-ReindeerThe Island Of Misfit Toys
Rudolph The Red-Nosed ReindeerSilver And Gold
Rudolph The Red-Nosed ReindeerThere's Always Tomorrow
Rudy Regalado & Chevere (VenezAmerica Baila
Rudy TrubittLittle Chicken
Rufus ThomasCan Your Monkey Do the Dog
Rufus ThomasDo The Funky Chicken
Rufus ThomasDo The Funky Penguin
Rufus ThomasOld Macdonald Had A Farm
Rufus ThomasOld McDonald Had A Farm (Part 2)
RufusThe Naked Mole Rap (From 'Kim Possible')
Runt of the LitterDon't Go Breaking My Heart (From 'Chicken Little'/Soundtrack Version)
Runt of the LitterWannabe (From 'Chicken Little'/Soundtrack Version)
Rusted RootSend Me on My Way
Ruth PointerStreets of Gold

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