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B*WitchedHold On
B.B. KingOne Shoe Blues
B.E.R.The Night Begins To Shine (Dragon Remix)
B.J. ThomasRaindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
Baby Big HairBaby Big Hair
Backstreet BoysI Want It That Way
Bad Lip ReadingSeagulls! (Stop It Now)
Baha MenIt's a Small World (Pop Version)
Baha MenWho Let The Dogs Out
BaltimoraTarzan Boy
Barenaked Ladies7 8 9
Barenaked LadiesA Word For That
Barenaked LadiesAllergies
Barenaked LadiesCrazy ABC's
Barenaked LadiesDrawing
Barenaked LadiesEraser
Barenaked LadiesHumungous Tree
Barenaked LadiesIf I Had $1,000,000
Barenaked LadiesLa La La La Lemon
Barenaked LadiesOne Little Slip (From 'Chicken Little')
Barenaked LadiesPopcorn
Barenaked LadiesRaisins
Barenaked LadiesThe Ninjas
Barenaked LadiesThings
BarkWe Can All Be Dinosaurs
Baron Von RumblebussDid You See (Where the Cat Threw Up, Cuz the Cat Threw Up Again)?
Barry Louis PolisarAll I Want Is You
Barry Louis PolisarI Forgot
Barry Louis PolisarI Wanna Be A Dog
Barry Louis PolisarUnderwear
Basement JaxxDo Your Thing
BC52'sMeet The Flintstones
Bear McCrearyFor Eternia, Pt. V
Bear McCrearyMasters of the Universe Revelation (Main Title)
Bears and LionsAirplanes
Bears and LionsThe Wagon
Bears and LionsWild and Free
Beau BlackA Beautiful Day (Ni Siku Nzuri)
Beau BlackAnother Ride
Beau BlackHere Comes the Lion Guard
Beau BlackIt Is Time
Beau BlackMickey and the Roadster Racers Main Title Theme (From 'Mickey and the Roadster Racers')
Beau BlackWay Out 'Miles From Tomorrowland' Theme
Beauty And The Beast CastSomething There
Bebe RexhaAmerican Citizen (from the Netflix Series 'We The People')
Bebe RexhaYou Can't Stop The Girl (From Disney's 'Maleficent: Mistress of Evil')
BeckSuper Cool (feat. Robyn & The Lonely Island)
Bee GeesStayin' Alive
Bee GeesYou Should Be Dancing
Beetlejuice-Harry BelafonteDay-O
Beetlejuice-Harry BelafonteDay-O
Ben FoldsBroken Piano
Ben FoldsLost in the Supermarket
Ben FoldsRockin' the Suburbs ('Over the Hedge' Version)
Ben Rudnick and FriendsA Frog Named Sam
Ben SidranPopcorn's Got a Brand New Bag
Benjamin BrattMuch Needed Advice
Benjamin BrattRemember Me (Ernesto de la Cruz)
Benjamin ScheuerHibernate With Me
Bent Bolt & The NutsThe Mechanical Man
Best CoastScooby Doo Theme Song
Best CoastThe Only Place
Best CoastWhen I'm With You
Betsy CathcartSomewhere Out There (An American Tail/Soundtrack Version)
Bette MidlerBlueberry Pie
Bette MidlerBoogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Bette MidlerPerfect Isn't Easy
Better Than EzraConjunction Junction
BeyonceLove On Top (KPL Edit)
BeyonceRise Up
Big Audio DynamiteHarrow Road
Big Block SingsongBears
Big Block SingsongBee
Big Block SingsongBig Foot
Big Block SingsongButterfly
Big Block SingsongCat
Big Block SingsongCaveman
Big Block SingsongChickens
Big Block SingsongCows
Big Block SingsongDance
Big Block SingsongDog
Big Block SingsongDuck
Big Block SingsongEat
Big Block SingsongEyeballs
Big Block SingsongFruit
Big Block SingsongHair
Big Block SingsongHello
Big Block SingsongHere We Go
Big Block SingsongImagine That
Big Block SingsongJunk Food
Big Block SingsongLoud
Big Block SingsongMoose
Big Block SingsongNoses
Big Block SingsongOctopus
Big Block SingsongOwl
Big Block SingsongPrincess
Big Block SingsongQuestions
Big Block SingsongSad
Big Block SingsongShapes
Big Block SingsongSpace Friends
Big Block SingsongTry
Big Block SingsongVikings
Big Block SingsongWizard
Big City GreensStuck at Home
Big Dee Irwin & Little EvaSwinging on a Star
Big World Audio TheatreEntomology
BiggersUnderdog Theme
Bil LeppHumpty's Dumpty
Bill BurnettLegend Of Sailcat
Bill FarmerNobody Else But You
Bill Haley And His CometsRock Around The Clock
Bill Haley And His CometsShake, Rattle And Roll
Bill HarleyA Walk Around the Block
Bill HarleyBarbie's Head Is Missing
Bill HarleyDown in the Backpack
Bill HarleyGrownups Are Strange
Bill HarleyHideous Sweater
Bill HarleyIs Not Is Too
Bill HarleyIt's Not Fair to Me
Bill HarleyMacaroni and Cheese
Bill HarleyMy Eraser
Bill HarleySitting Down to Eat
Bill HarleyThe Love of the Game
Bill HarleyWacko Wacko Woo
Bill LeeCruella De Vil
Bill MurrayThe Bare Necessities
Bill WithersLean on Me
Bill WithersLovely Day / Flora & Ulysses
Bill WithersLovely Day / Flora & Ulysses
Bill WithersLovely Day
Billy CrystalComedy Can Be Dangerous
Billy CrystalIf I Didn't Have You (From 'Monsters, Inc.')
Billy CrystalI'm Not Gonna Sing You a Song
Billy EichnerHakuna Matata
Billy JoelI Go to Extremes
Billy JoelIt's Still Rock and Roll to Me
Billy JoelWhy Should I Worry?
Billy JoelYou're Only Human (Second Wind)
Billy JonasAlien in My Lungs
Billy JonasBrush Your Teeth
Billy JonasEat Something
Billy JonasHappy Accident
Billy JonasKnock Knock
Billy JonasLMNOP Break
Billy JonasMonkeys Driving Cars
Billy JonasWatermelon
Billy JonasWhat Kind of Cat Are You?!
Billy JonasWhat Kind of Dog Are You
Billy Kelly & Dean JonesVirtual Me LIVE @ SXM
Billy Kelly(Let Me Tell You) What I Like About You
Billy KellyMe and My Brand New Haircut (feat. Davy Jones)
Billy KellyOde to Butter
Billy KellyOverrun with Fruit Flies
Billy KellyPeople Really Like Milk
Billy KellyQuestions You Ask Another Person (That The Person Doesn't Answer)
Billy KellyRandom Things I've Noticed
Billy KellyRepetitive Bird
Billy KellyVacation with the Dog
Billy KellyVirtual Me
Billy KellyWhat Is This Person's Name
Billy KellyYou Made Me a Sock Monkey
Billy PrestonEncouraging Words
Billy Ray CyrusReady, Set, Don't Go
Billy SwanI Can Help
Bina MistryHot Hot Hot
BirdyLearn Me Right
BisThe Powerpuff Girls (End Theme)
Black ViolinDreamer
Black ViolinImpossible is Possible
Blake SheltonFriends
Blaze N VillHeroes
Blind MelonNo Rain
Blind MelonThree Is a Magic Number
BlottoI Wanna Be a Lifeguard
Blue Man Group & John PowellRobot City
Blue OctoberJump Rope
Blues TravelerDog Train
BlueyBluey Theme Tune (Dance Remix)
BlueyBluey Theme Tune (Extended)
BlueyFruit Bat
BlueyWagon Ride
BlueyWagon Ride
BlueyWho Likes to Dance?
Bob Marley & The WailersThree Little Birds
Bobby DarinSplish Splash (feat. Jean Murray)
Bobby DayRockin' Robin
Bobby Driscoll/Paul CollinsFollowing the Leader (From 'Peter Pan')
Bobby DriscollFollowing the Leader
Bobby Fuller FourLet Her Dance
Bobby McFerrinDon't Worry Be Happy
Bobby McFerrinWizard of Oz
BoDeansCloser to Free
Bonnie 'Prince' BillyThe Dragon Song
Bonnie Raitt & John RaittAnything You Can Do
Bonnie TylerTotal Eclipse of the Heart
Boots RandolphYakety Sax
Bowling for SoupJimmy Neutron Theme
Bowling for SoupThe Bare Necessities (Pop Version)
Bowling for SoupToday is Gonna be a Great Day (Theme Song to Phineas and Ferb)
Boxtop JenkinsWag More (feat. Indigo Girls)
BoyzoneShooting Star
Brad KaneA Whole New World
Brad KaneOne Jump Ahead
Brad PaisleyAll In
Brad PaisleyCopycat
Brad PaisleyFind Yourself
Brad PaisleyTruckaroo
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldCheer You Up
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldGet This Party Started
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldI Surprised Myself
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldI'm Coming Out
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldLight of Love
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldLove Me for Who I Am
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldMail Myself to You
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldMe on the Map
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldMy Home
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldOne Day by the Riverside
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldPicky Eater
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldPie
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldPress Play
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldRoad Trip
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldSeven Hours of Sun
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldSuperpowers
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldThat Friday Feeling
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldThe Relatives Came
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldTurn the World Around
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldUnder the Big Umbrella
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldYou Can Get It If You Really Want
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That CouldYour Smile
BrakI Love Beans
BrakMagic Toenail
BrakMolly Cule
Brandi CarlileCarried Me With You
Brandi CarlileHave You Ever
Brandi CarlileSpeak Your Mind (from the Netflix Series 'We The People')
Brave ComboJeopardy
Brave ComboThe Hokey Pokey (Rock Style)
Brave ComboThe Hokey Pokey
Brian Dewan & Eileen IversThe Violin
Brian TylerLevel Complete
Brian WilsonI Just Can't Wait to Be King
Brian WilsonWhen You Wish Upon a Star
Brighter Light BrigadeI Lost It (feat. Marla Vannucci & Dean Jones)
Brighter Light BrigadeKindness Is King
Brighter Light BrigadePancakes on Sunday Morning (feat. Marla Vannucci & Dean Jones)
Brittany MurphyBoogie Wonderland
Brittany MurphySomebody to Love
Brooke WhiteNever Grow up (feat. Daniel Tashian)
Brooks & DunnKeep On Swinging (Album Version)
Brooks & DunnSwing It (Album Version)
Bruce SpringsteenChicken Lips and Lizard Hips
Bruno MarsCount on Me (EP Version)
Bruno MarsWelcome Back (Rio 2)
Bryant OdenThe Duck Song (The Duck and the Lemonade Stand)
Bryant OdenThe Duck Song 2
Buck HowdyBaked Beans
Buckner & GarciaDo the Donkey Kong
Buckner & GarciaWreck-It, Wreck-It Ralph
Buckwheat ZydecoThey All Asked For You
Bugs BunnyBuggin'
Bugs BunnyMerrie Melodies Closing Theme That's All Folks
Bugs BunnyOverture (Merrie Melodies Main Title Music)
Bugs BunnyThis Is a Life?
Bulgarian Women's ChoirTransformation
BungaBunga the Wise
BungaZuka Zama
Bunny ClogsA Platypus Named Amethyst (Animal Kingdom)
Bunny ClogsJellyfish Plays Jenga
Bunny ClogsSquid Guy
Burl IvesThe Big Rock Candy Mountain
BUS13My Green Bike
Butterfly BoucherChanges
Butterfly BoucherI'm Different

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