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Gael Garcia Bernal/Gabriella Flores/Libertad García FonziRemember Me (Lullaby)
Gael Garcia BernalUn Poco Loco
Garfunkel and OatesEverything Is Awesome (with Eban Schletter) (Tween Dream Remix)
Geek MusicBlaze And Monster Machines (From 'Blaze And Monster Machines')
Gene Kelly,Donald O'ConnorMoses
Gene Kelly/The MGM Children's ChorusI Got Rhythm
Gene KellySingin' In The Rain
General PublicI'll Take You There
Genevieve GoingsShadow Puppets
GenevieveShow Your Colors
George ClintonAtomic Dog World Tour Remix
George EzraDon't Matter Now
George HarrisonApple Scruffs
Gigi RoweWishes
Gilbert GottfriedI'm Looking Out For Me (The Return Of Jafar) - Soundtrack
Ginnifer GoodwinPowerful Magic
GiversUp Up Up
Gladys Knight & The PipsFriendship Train
GlitterboxTear Ducks
Gloria EstefanInside Your Heart
Go Banana Go!Banana (Ooh Nah Nah)
Go Banana Go!Banana (Parody Of Rosanna By Toto)
Go Banana Go!Bugs (Are Disgusting)
Go Banana Go!Cat Bath
Go Banana Go!Chocolate on My Pants
Go Banana Go!Dinosaur Chicken Nugget (the Sequel)
Go Banana Go!Frog on a Jetski
Go Banana Go!German Lessons
Go Banana Go!Going to Bed
Go Banana Go!I Live in a Banjo
Go Banana Go!I Love Cookies
Go Banana Go!Music to Put Your Shoes on to
Go Banana Go!Never Take a Monkey to the Movies
Go Banana Go!Opera Chicken
Go Banana Go!Petting Zoo
Go Banana Go!Pizza Feet
Go Banana Go!Something Spells Funny
Go Banana Go!Veggie Disco
Go Banana Go!Who Tooted? (feat. Flula Borg)
Go-GosLet's Get Together (Album Version)
GoldoBoom Da Boom
GoldoBoom da Boom
Gordie Crazylegs MacKeeman Featuring Dom FlemonsSnaccident
Grace PotterSomething That I Want
Grace VanderWaalBe True to Your School
Grace VanderWaalHideaway (from 'Wonder Park')
Graham Phillips & Auli'i CravalhoIf Only (From 'The Little Mermaid Live!')
Great Lake SwimmersSee You on the Moon
Greg CipesGo! 
GREG PATTILLOIt's the Hard-Knock Life
GREG PATTILLOWelcome to the Jungle
Gregory MannCiao Papa
Gregory MannEverything Is New to Me
GrenadillaArabella Angelique
GrizfolkWay Back When
Grover Washington, Jr.Just the Two of Us (feat. Bill Withers)
Gunnar Madsen10,000 Pancakes
Gustafer YellowgoldBaconstein
Gustafer YellowgoldBeard For All Seasons
Gustafer YellowgoldBrighter Side
Gustafer YellowgoldCakenstein
Gustafer YellowgoldCheddar
Gustafer YellowgoldEggs
Gustafer YellowgoldGetting in a Treetop
Gustafer YellowgoldGravy Insane
Gustafer YellowgoldHey, Eyeball!
Gustafer YellowgoldI Can't Feel My Face
Gustafer YellowgoldI Got This (Probably)
Gustafer YellowgoldLucky Day
Gustafer YellowgoldMeet Me by the Fun
Gustafer YellowgoldMy Best Friend is Electric
Gustafer YellowgoldMy Dragon
Gustafer YellowgoldOh Rats
Gustafer YellowgoldOne's Onions
Gustafer YellowgoldPanther Stamps Pants
Gustafer YellowgoldPterodactyl Tuxedo
Gustafer YellowgoldQuite Easily Lost
Gustafer YellowgoldRock Melon
Gustafer YellowgoldSlim Gets In 'Em
Gustafer YellowgoldSunny Side
Gustafer YellowgoldTelephone Called
Gustafer YellowgoldToothloser
Gustafer YellowgoldWisconsin Poncho
Gustafer YellowgoldYawn
GusterI've Got To Be Clean
Gwen StefaniRainbow Connection

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