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R.E.M.Its The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
R.E.M.Love Is All Around
R.E.M.Shiny Happy People
Rabbit!(We Are) All in This Together
Rabbit!All Around the World
Rabbit!All the Little Things
Rabbit!Be Happy
Rabbit!Dogs Like These
Rabbit!Happiness Is Simple
Rabbit!Hello & Goodbye
Rabbit!Keep Calm and Carry On
Rabbit!Let's Get Started
Rabbit!Tough Enough
Rachel BloomRock You Like a Hurricane
Rachel HouseI Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)
Rachel PlattenFight Song
Rachel PlattenThank You For Being A Friend
Rachel PlattenWonder (From 'Wonder Park')
Raii & WhitneyEnjoy The Journey
Raii & WhitneyNo Limit
RairaiJackal Style
Ralph's WorldAbby's Alphabet Soup
Ralph's WorldAll About Bob
Ralph's WorldCavemen!
Ralph's WorldDo the Math
Ralph's WorldFee Fi Fo Fum
Ralph's WorldFolsom Daycare Blues
Ralph's WorldHappy Lemons
Ralph's WorldHappy Not My Birthday
Ralph's WorldPeggy's Pie Parlor Polka (Live)
Ralph's WorldPeggy's Pie Parlor Polka
Ralph's WorldPickle Me Juice
Ralph's WorldThings That I Like
Ramin DjawadiMrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which
Randy CrenshawPerry the Platypus (Extended Version)
Randy KaplanBurpity Burp Burp Burp
Randy KaplanCrew Cut
Randy KaplanDon't Fill Up On Chips
Randy KaplanEverybody Farts
Randy KaplanFollow Your Nose
Randy KaplanHockey Puck
Randy KaplanIn A Timeout Now
Randy KaplanMr. Spaceman
Randy KaplanMy Little Laugh
Randy KaplanNo Nothing
Randy KaplanOn the Phone on the Toilet
Randy KaplanShake It and Break It
Randy KaplanShampoo Me
Randy KaplanSugar
Randy KaplanThe Ladybug Without Spots
Randy NewmanI Can't Let You Throw Yourself Away
Randy NewmanI Will Go Sailing No More (From 'Toy Story'/Soundtrack Version)
Randy NewmanMonsters, Inc.
Randy NewmanOpening Race
Randy NewmanSo Long
Randy NewmanStrange Things (From 'Toy Story'/Soundtrack Version)
Randy NewmanThe Time Of Your Life
Randy NewmanWe Belong Together (From 'Toy Story 3'/Soundtrack)
Randy NewmanYou've Got a Friend in Me
Randy QuaidYodel-Adle-Eedle-Idle-Oo (From 'Home on the Range' / Soundtrack Version)
Randy Travis w/ Alison KraussFriends Like Us
Rani Arbo & Daisy MayhemIf You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out
Rani Arbo & Daisy MayhemThey All Ask'd For You
RapunzelWind in My Hair (From 'Tangled: Before Ever After')
Rare EarthI Just Want To Celebrate
Rascal FlattsLet It Go
Rascal FlattsLife Is A Highway ('Blaze'n Fast Edit)
Rascal FlattsLife is a Highway
Rascal FlattsWalk The Llama Llama (From 'The Emperor's New Groove'/Soundtrack Version)
Ratboy Jr.Clown Shoes
Ratboy Jr.How to Eat a Cloud
Raven SymoneKeep Your Eye On The Ball (Album Version)
RavenGrazing In The Grass
Ray CharlesYou Are My Sunshine
Reba McEntireLook for the Light
Recess MonkeyAll My Friends Are Here
Recess MonkeyBackpack
Recess MonkeyBatteries Not Included
Recess MonkeyBeat-Box-a-Robot
Recess MonkeyBraces
Recess MonkeyBrick by Brick
Recess MonkeyChasing My Tail
Recess MonkeyChewy to Your Han
Recess MonkeyCome Out of Your Shell
Recess MonkeyCovered In Band Aids
Recess MonkeyDuct Tape World
Recess MonkeyEvery Flavor
Recess MonkeyFish Sticks
Recess MonkeyFlapjacks
Recess MonkeyGet Your Ticket
Recess MonkeyGrandmom's House
Recess MonkeyGrandpa Is a Time Machine
Recess MonkeyHaven't Got a Pet Yet
Recess MonkeyHey Puppy
Recess MonkeyIn Tents
Recess MonkeyJet Pack
Recess MonkeyL.I.C.E.
Recess MonkeyLittle Things
Recess MonkeyLovestruck Unicorn
Recess MonkeyLunch Lady Theme Song
Recess MonkeyMarshmallow Farm
Recess MonkeyMoon Boots
Recess MonkeyNot for You
Recess MonkeyOff the Grid
Recess MonkeyOh, Lando
Recess MonkeyPaper Airplane
Recess MonkeyPenguinese
Recess MonkeyPiggyback
Recess MonkeyPopcorn
Recess MonkeySack Lunch
Recess MonkeySeagull
Recess MonkeyShrimp
Recess MonkeySing Your Song
Recess MonkeySit And Spin
Recess MonkeySl-Double E-P-Over
Recess MonkeyStickin Right by You
Recess MonkeyTake Your Kid to Work Day
Recess MonkeyTambourine Submarine
Recess MonkeyThat Laugh
Recess MonkeyThe Dancin' Bear
Recess MonkeyThe Hermit
Recess MonkeyThe Sandbox Song
Recess MonkeyTime to Make the Donuts
Recess MonkeyTwins
Recess MonkeyUkulalien
Recess MonkeyVacation to Azkaban
Recess MonkeyWalkie Talkies
Recess MonkeyWind up Robot
Recess MonkeyYour Favorite Book
Recess: School's OutDancing In The Street (Martha and the Vandellas)
Red Hot Chili PeppersYertle The Turtle
Red YarnAw Rats!
Red YarnBile Them Cabbage
Red YarnDeep Woods Revival
Red YarnDiggin' Down
Red YarnHop Little Squirrel
Red YarnJump for Joy
Red YarnMockingbird
Red YarnMy Barn Door Is Open
Red YarnParty Like an Animal
Red YarnPlayground Crew (feat. Mista Cookie Jar)
Red YarnReady Freddy (feat. Lewis & Mira)
Red YarnThe Get Together
RedboneCome and Get Your Love [From 'Guardians of the Galaxy']
RednexCotton Eye Joe
Reel Big FishMonkey Man
Reese WitherspoonShake It Off
Rei Yamauchi FulkerWhen I Grow Up
Relient KThe Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
Rene AuberjonoisLes Poissons (From 'The Little Mermaid” / Soundtrack Version)
Renee & Friendssuper fragile world
Renee & Friendswhere do the children play?
Renee & JeremyLucky Star
Renee & JeremyWhere Is My Mind
Rex HarrisonTalk To The Animals
Rhiannon GiddensUp Above My Head
Rhythm Child3 Little Birds
Rhythm ChildAll You Need Is Love
Rhythm ChildCan We Still Be Friends?
Rhythm ChildEverybody Is The One
Rhythm ChildLearn From Nature
Rhythm ChildSupercalifrailisticexpealidocious
Richard CheeseMan in the Mirror
Richard HaymanStar Wars: Cantina Band
Richard Stone, Tom RueggerAnimaniacs
Richard WhiteBelle
Richard WhiteGaston (From 'Beauty and the Beast' / Soundtrack Version)
Rick AstleyNever Gonna Give You Up
Riders In The SkyWoody's Roundup
RihannaDancing In The Dark (From The 'Home' Soundtrack)
RihannaTowards The Sun
Rissi PalmerBest Day Ever
Rob ThomasLittle Wonders
Rob ThomasStreetcorner Symphony
Robbert BobbertWe R Super Heroes
Robbie SchaeferDown On The Corner
Robbie SchaeferFerdinand
Robbie SchaeferFits Right In
Robbie SchaeferMy Favorite Person
Robbie SchaeferSally Can I Walk You Home?
Robbie SchaeferThere's A Carp In The Tub
Robbie SchaeferUnder The Sun
Robbie SchaeferYou Are Beautiful
Robbie WilliamsCollision of Worlds (From 'Cars 2'/Soundtrack Version)
Robby BensonSomething There
Robert GordonBlack Slacks
Robin Schulz / Alle Farben / Israel Kamakawiwo'oleSomewhere Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World
Robin WilliamsFriend Like Me
Robin WilliamsMy Way (A Mi Manera)
Robin WilliamsPrince Ali
RockapellaWhere in The World Is Carmen Sandiego
Roger BartGo the Distance
Roger DayI Like Yaks! (Featuring Billy Jonas)
Roger DayReady To Fly (Featuring The Indigo Girls)
Roger MillerYou Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd
Rose FalconUp Up Up
Rose RoyceCar Wash
Ross Lynch/Laura Marano/Calum Worthy/Raini RodriguezAustin & Ally Glee Club Mash Up
Ross Lynch/Maia Mitchell/Garrett Clayton/Grace Phipps/John DeLuca/Jordan FisherGotta Be Me
Ross Lynch/Maia MitchellCan't Stop Singing
Ross LynchCruisin' for a Bruisin' (From 'Teen Beach Movie')
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra1812 Overture, Op. 49
Rudy TrubittLittle Chicken
Rufus ThomasCan Your Monkey Do the Dog
Rufus ThomasDo The Funky Chicken
Rufus ThomasDo The Funky Penguin
RufusThe Naked Mole Rap (From 'Kim Possible')
Runt of the LitterDon't Go Breaking My Heart (From 'Chicken Little'/Soundtrack Version)
Runt of the LitterWannabe (From 'Chicken Little'/Soundtrack Version)
Rusted RootSend Me on My Way
Rusted RootSend Me on My Way
Ruth PointerStreets of Gold
Ryan GoslingI’m Just Ken

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